Hello, IMA!

Inventory Management Application or IMA, is an automation solution for managing high traffic/critical supplies in the OR.

Use it anywhere!

Built to be light-weight, easily-accessible, and user-friendly, so any persons needing a quick overview of supply or needs an item changed/ordered can easily do so hassle-free from anywhere on any device. Due to this nature of the application, IMA-site WILL NOT host any patient, personal/private, or other sensitive information. The site will actively be monitored in this regard.

Back Story

The idea for IMA came to fruition when a staff surgeon asked myself to generate a living spreadsheet of all consumable inventory within the service. As I began taking the steps neccasary to accomplish this task, it began to daunt on me how tedious and time-consuming the endeavor would be. Generating the actual spreadsheet was no issue to say the least. Keeping track of every single consumable, how much we have of it, when it will expire, and updating that on a near daily basis just isn't possible given the amount of time surge techs spend in and around the operating rooms. Leaving much room for error.

Goals & Future Development

The scope of this project, IMA, is also no small feat to establish. But once done, will automate the process of keeping track of these consumables with little to no effort. Minimizing fault resulting in diminished critical supply, in turn establishing a cohesive work flow in ENT operating rooms. I will continue to maintain and develop IMA for as long as it is used, and may it serve future personel in managing inventory with ease.

- Woodin, Brent