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The Home page is resident to the IMA Dashboard. Here, users and guests will be able to view the inventory list as it is shown and read the about page. Users exclusivly will be able to request items, and manage the information of items in stock. To be able to access the "Request Item", and "Manage Inventory" menus, one will need to create a user account here. Also, the Message Board is below. The Message Board is where you can find recent updates and posts regarding supply.

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If you're a registered user, feel free to post information regarding supply.

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Fri Jul 7 23:35:40 2023

Good day ENT Team, For those of you who use IMA often (there's like two of us lol), you probably noticed that I haven't posted an update in a little while. I haven't been able to give my full attention to IMA but thats mostly because I haven't received a whole lot of feedback. I'd like for anyone who has registered on the app to feel free to post your feedback here on the "Message Board". It's not just here for supply updates and ENT related news. It's could also be used like a big chat room. Don't be afraid to ask or inquire about ANYTHING related to IMA. Nothing, when it comes to the nature of developing apps and websites, is outlandish. So throw your ideas out there if you'd like and I'll do my very best to incorporate those ideas into IMA in a way that is practical without bloating the website/app. Recently I received a request to add drop-down menus to the request item page to make it easier to submit requests with accurate reference numbers. So I'll be working on that soon. In other news, the week before 4th of July weekend, we have finally received our new Zeiss Tivato 700 Microscopes. Along with those, we also received a stock of the smart drapes specific to Zeiss's newer microscopes. I've added those to the item list to keep track of them. If anyone has any question, feel free to contact me or post your questions here on the message board and an answer will presented to you in a timely manner. Have a great weekend everyone and be safe.


Supply Update 2

Wed May 31 21:49:43 2023

Good day, This is today's supply update. Items we received today: 5x 55 Degree Reflex wands, 9x Propel mini mometasone implants, 20x Doyle II Nasal Splints, 5x Propel Standard Implants. I also added a spot on the item list for Costal Cartilage (Cadaver Rib). As we all know our stock is currently at zero. But once we get some in I'll be sure to update the quantity. If there is any questions please contact me and I do my best to have a prompt response. Thank for reading.


Supply Update

Mon May 22 20:39:09 2023

Good Day, Here are todays supply updates. Items added to supply list: Inspira Airway Balloons 8.5 - 16 mm, KLS MMF 6mm and 8mm screws, KLS MMF 7-hole and 9-hole plates, Reflex Ultra 55 degree wands, Disposable Bipolar Forceps. Items to be ordered today: 1x KLS MMF 6mm screw, 1x KLS MMF 8mm screw, 4x KLS MMF 7-hole plates, 3x KLS MMF 9-hole plates, 5x Reflex Ultra 55 degree wands. Items received today: 4 boxes(40 indiv) of Disposable Bipolar Forceps. Another note, if you are looking through the item list and find it frustrating to look for specific items, use your browsers "find" function to locate items more easily. For those using a laptop or desktop computer "ctrl-f"(cmd-f for mac users) is what you'll use. For those using a smart phone or tablet without a keyboard, in safari browser use the share button at the bottom to pull up the options menu. The "find on page" option will be half way down the list. For chrome users, the solutions is the same but instead of the share button you'll tap on the 3 dot symbol in the bottom right. If this is too hard to understand, contact me anyway you know how and I'll will personally help you with this matter. I'm currently working on adding a search bar to the item list, so this dilemma will be temporary. Sorry for any inconvience.


IMA Update Alpha 0.2

Fri May 19 02:26:47 2023

I just finished a pretty extensive update for IMA. I added this message board as a form of communication in terms of supply and other ENT related events. In addition, I fixed the ordering of the item lists, so now the item list will show items that are closer to expiring first to last, removed the index value since there is no need for it anymore. Requests will now show the most recent request first to last. I have also added the add item button finally since I was hesitant to do so. Although, I did put some warnings next to it so those of you who are not sure what you're doing can stay away from that button lol. Thats about it other than some cleaning up the user interface and some spell checking in some places. If anyone has any ideas for me to add to IMA, please let me know or even post it here. I'm on leave today and tomorrow but I'll back Monday (22May). Thanks for reading, and thank you guys for your patience.